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Your First Visit

There are so many different reasons to check out a church!

  • Because you need to ‘just be’ for one hour a week.
  • Because you know we need community to thrive.
  • Because you want your kids to be around other caring adults.
  • Because you believe in creating justice and hope in the world.
  • Because you like to think about life, death, and everything in between.
  • Because you want to be grounded in God’s love.

Whatever the reason, it can be scary to visit for the first time. Which door do you use? How will you know when to stand up? Will anybody talk to you? Will too many people talk to you?!

Even people who have been going to FCC Natick since they were kids were once new to this community. We try to be thoughtful about welcoming folks when they are new, without overwhelming them. Hopefully the info on this page will help!

For more info, please reach out to our pastor and definitely introduce yourself to them when you visit onsite!

Frequently Asked Questions

What times are your worship services?

FCC Natick offers one service weekly. Services usually last one hour.

Summer Worship is at 9:30 am on Sunday (June 30-Sept. 1) and is held in the air-conditioned Vestry.

(After Labor Day, Sunday service moves back to 10:30 am and is held in the Sanctuary.)

We also have many special services scheduled throughout the year. Check out Worship & Music and the Events Calendar.

Can I participate online?

Yes! You may watch the livestream via the Natick Pegasus website.  If you live in Natick, MA, and have cable, you can tune in to your Pegasus public access channel:

  • Comcast Xfinity, Channel 22
  • Verizon FIOS, Channel 29
  • RCN Channel, 03.

FCC Natick has one weekly Sunday service, which usually lasts about an hour. Summer Worship is at 9:30 am (June 30-Sept. 1). After Labor Day, it switches back to the regular time of 10:30 am.

We’d love to know if you join us online! Please reach out to our pastor with any
questions or just to say hello.

Are recordings of past services available?

Yes. Check out video (and audio) of previous services in the Worship Recordings Archive.

How do I get to the church? Where do I park?

Aerial view of a brick church in the center of a small townWe have a parking lot next to the church on the north side of Central Street (Route 135). The entrance to the lot is on Washington Street (between the church and the library). During the week, many spots are reserved for bank customers. This does not apply on Sundays. There are two handicap parking spaces near our accessible entrance and elevator. Additional parking is available on neighboring streets and is free on Sundays. The accessible entrance is directly off the parking lot and the front doors (with stairs) are also open on Sunday.

What should I wear to worship?

Dress comfortably! You’ll see a range of styles. However you express yourself through fashion is embraced at FCC.

Is the church accessible?

Our building is accessible via the entrance off the Washington Street parking lot. The elevator in the lobby will take you to sanctuary, the worship space on the second floor. In the sanctuary you’ll also find wheelchair accessible seating, large-print worship bulletins, video-display monitors, assistive listening via the Listen Everywhere app, and sanitized noise canceling headphones.

If we can help you to feel more comfortable during your visit, please let us know.

What happens during a worship service?

During worship we sing and listen, read and reflect, settle into silence and join together in laughter. We share our joys and concerns in prayer, combine our financial resources to bring healing and justice to the world, and get just a little nourishment for the week ahead.

Sunday morning worship varies depending on the time of year and theme, but generally include readings, a reflection on the readings or theme, music, and prayer. A pamphlet called a bulletin serves as a guide, along with the worship leaders.

On the first Sunday of the month, we join together in a symbolic meal called
Communion. Everyone is invited to participate in whatever way is meaningful to them—there is no requirement around age, membership or belief. As with every part of worship, you are also free not to participate.

As a way of practicing generosity, we take an offering during worship. We pass special plates through the congregation, inviting people to make a financial contribution to a special cause or the ministries of the congregation. This is always completely optional.

Worship services and events are live streamed and often photographed. If you do not wish to be included in these recordings, please notify a member of the Worship Team.

Can my children attend a worship service with me?

Children and youth are always welcome in our worship services. Many find a first visit most comfortable in the “Prayground,” a space right in our sanctuary for children, or anyone, to engage in quiet activities during worship services. Parents and caregivers can join children in this sacred space or may sit in the adjacent pews.

We also offer children’s programs outside the sanctuary for those families who feel ready for independent experiences.

Where are the restrooms?

There are gender-specific restrooms on the first floor of our building, both of which include changing tables. There is a gender-neutral bathroom on the second floor, with a changing table cross the hall in the nursery.

Do you offer adult education opportunities?

Adult Faith Programs centered on a combination of spiritual growth and social connection are offered at various times during the week.

How can I start meeting people?

Join us downstairs in the vestry for Coffee Hour immediately following our worship service. There’s more than coffee, and it’s a relaxed time for conversation and connection.

You may also check our Events page for upcoming Just For Fun activities.