A coat rack with the word "Grace" in carved wood letters above.

Why Church? Why UCC?

Our Congregation

There are so many wonderful ways to spend a Sunday morning. Go for a walk, read the news, meet friends for brunch. So why give up a precious Sunday morning to gather with a spiritual community?

Well, life is hard. And life is beautiful. Sometimes both at the same time.

When life is hard, it helps to have a community ready to hold you up. Some songs you know by heart. A cup of coffee and a snack. A reminder that you are valued and beloved, just as you are. When life is beautiful, those things are good too. And that same community is there to appreciate the beauty with you. Companions who work together to bring more of that beauty to the world.

Church for sure isn’t the only place you can be held when life is hard and celebrate when life is beautiful. But it’s great that there is a place with that as its core purpose.

People come to spiritual communities for all sorts of reasons–to make friends, to give back, to find comfort, to be challenged. But when life becomes hard–and beautiful–we are there for each other.

Our Denomination

First Congregational Church of Natick is a member of the United Church of Christ (UCC), a progressive Protestant denomination within the Christian tradition.

The UCC values spiritual searching, social justice engagement, and inclusivity. Authority is held by local congregation members, not the pastor or national staff.

The denomination offers for reflection a traditional Statement of Faith yet values the individual’s right and ability to prayerfully and thoughtfully determine what to believe regarding the Bible, God, creation, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, etc.

The UCC values developing connections with other churches and religious traditions. At FCC Natick, we collaborate with local churches, value interfaith relationships, and partner with local non-profits. These connections enrich our lives and our ministry!

Our Vision and Values