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Finding Hope, Stopping Hate

June 4, 2024

An update from Southern New England UCC  Executive Conference Minister, Rev. Darrell Goodwin:

Dear Friends,

Hate won’t win in Southern New England.
At the very heart of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a message of hope. Nothing could be more relevant or necessary at this moment. Because of who you are, and how you are involved, we know YOU agree!

Over the past 2 weeks the Find Hope Now Initiative has received hateful and hurtful attacks on social media. The language used is meant to demean and dehumanize and we don’t stand for it. This language is counter to the Christian message of hope and the hope-giving stories of our inclusive churches and their ministries. We are focused on promoting a gospel of radical inclusion that lets people know that no matter who they are, or where they are on life’s journey, there is a place of hope that will welcome them.

We need YOUR HELP telling the Good News that moves beyond ‘He gets us,’ and into Jesus invites us to help spread hope to ALL, no matter who they are, or where they are on life’s journey. Participate today in this initiative by:

  • Share the Find Hope Now website and advertisements on your church social media. We can’t let hateful voices outshine our collective good work.
  • Send us your stories of hope and the amazing ministries happening at your local church. This is more urgent than it may seem. Love can drown out hate.
  • Donate today to the Find Hope Now Initiative!

Join us in coming together to find new ways of living the Love and Justice of Jesus, making an impact, and pointing to hope in the world, already being lived out in your church.

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