Two adults teach a group of children sitting in a circle on the floor

Godly Play

“Godly Play encourages curiosity and imagination in experiencing the mystery and joy of God”

Our Godly Play Worship Center is lined with shelves of stories expressed by multi-sensory objects. These objects help to make the images of our religious language come alive. Through the use and manipulation of these objects, the leaders and children tell and enter into the biblical stories.

This approach teaches children how to use religious language from parables, sacred stories, liturgical action and silence to help them become more fully aware of God’s presence in their daily lives. It values process and discovery and does not rely on teachers simply transferring their knowledge to the children.

At the conclusion of the story, there is a time of “wondering” about the story and our place in the story and then each child chooses an activity – perhaps working with the story materials or using a variety of art supplies to create his or her own response.

“We make connections between the Bible stories and our life”

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